Welcome Babes!

My name is Goldie. A health and wellness junkie, self proclaimed kitchen bombshell, certified health adviser, inspired blogger, and lover of crystal energy.


I believe that plants heal – from a fresh succulents to green juice.
I believe in the magic of a beautiful space.
I believe in champagne Sundays.
I believe in the spicier the better.
I believe that tea is always a good idea.
I believe in flower crowns.
I believe that glowing skin comes from a healthy diet.
I believe in meditation.
I believe that gratitude changes everything.
I believe clean, fresh, whole foods empower your body and soul, which is really very sexy.


Let’s get our glow on, xo


A little story…
I didn’t always think about what I put into my body. I used to have severe acne and psoriasis. In my mid twenties I developed allergies so extreme that I couldn’t even sleep. I was popping allergy medication every 16 hours in order to get by. After being a slave to Zyrtec for 2 years, I stumbled upon an entire network of people who were healing their illnesses through food and a clean lifestyle. I followed their advice and it worked, everything cleared up without medication. After that I was hooked. I was a wellness junkie. Not only was I hooked, but I now firmly believe that clean, fresh, whole food is the key to glowing health.

I currently live in Chicago and work for a home décor and fashion accessories company. I obtained my certification in nutrition from Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I started this blog because I felt inspired to write about what I love.