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I am a sucker for expensive face creams and medicinal plants, super foods, and herbs. I take a lot of supplements and I would take even more if I could afford to buy more, no joke. Well I have a treat for you today! I stumbled upon this company 2 months ago called care/of. Basically they ask you a series of questions and then match up which supplements will benefit your health the most.

Here’s why this company is awesome and everybody should do it:

1.       They travel the world to find high quality, sustainable, natural ingredients. For instance their Fish Oil is made from Wild Alaskan Salmon harvested from the North Pacific and naturally free of pollutants and heavy metals.

2.       They use clean production methods.

3.       They make it easy! Each supplement is divided into daily individual packs so you don’t have to carry around a baggie of pills (Lisa Rinna…anyone?).

4.       THE BEST REASON! High quality supplements are expensive, and these are extremely affordable. They bypasis the brick-and-mortar and retail mark-ups passing on a savings of 20% less. I pay $47 a month for 7 different supplements. It’s honestly such a deal for the quality.

Check out an example of my pack: 




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